Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Haryana 2022

To purchase or transfer any property and will in your name buyers have to follow some legal process as well as formalities ordained by the state govt. it is quite understandable and not hidden for any buyers and sellers.

But you need to keep yourself updated regarding this because sometimes the rules changes and unaware of this creates problems while buying. Additionally, the trend in real estate investment is quite escalating among home buyers and many investors think that investing in real estate brings lucrative benefits in the future.
So, mentioned below are the stamp duty of Haryana and registration charges on property registration and registration of other deeds

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Stamp Duty in Haryana 2022
Generally, the charge ranges between 5% -7% in the state according to the rural and urban areas. In the rural area, the charge is 5% and in an urban area, it is 7%. Also, the Haryana Govt. is giving chance to women homebuyers where they have to pay 3 %-5%.

Registration Charges in Haryana 2022
Previously the state charged up to Rs 15,000 only as of the registration fee but in 2018 the Haryana Govt. increased the registration charges on the property up to 50,000 depending upon its collector rate. So, the buyers have to pay the charges ordained by the state govt. Also, this new charge is applicable on sale deeds, gift deeds, mortgage deeds, sale certificates, lease deeds, collaboration agreements, exchange deeds, partition deeds and settlement deeds.

Documents required for property registration in Haryana 2022
To register a property in Haryana you have to keep ready the documents list that given below:

  • Sale Deed
  • Buyers’ & Sellers’ ID proofs
  • Buyers’ & Sellers’ address Proofs
  • No- objection Certificate (NOC) from the society
  • ID Proofs of two witnesses
  • Building plan, map, etc.

Well, these were some details of stamp duty and registration charges levied in Haryana state which will help you while property buying in this state.
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